Reece McIver Homes is passionate about constructing spectacular homes for clients demanding uncompromising excellence and investment quality value — utilizing a completely new approach to home building.


As your Builder, Reece McIver Homes offers you the opportunity of buying land and creating a magnificent home to your exacting specifications often worth far more than the cost to build it.


If you desire to craft a masterpiece home defining an important part of who you are, then you should consider Reece McIver Homes. 


It is our goal to do two things:


  1. Make the process fun and memorable.

  2. Deliver you the keys with instant equity in your home.


We offer design/build, fixed price and cost plus to suit your comfort and style.

Reece McIver


“I like to build things…”


Reece McIver is a 26-year veteran in the construction and manufacturing industry. With a BBA in Finance from UT Austin, Reece began the first 7 years of his career working for national homebuilders (Newmark and Pulte Homes). In 1999, he became an entrepreneur and business partner with fellow UT graduates, continuing in the construction industry for 6 more years.

Embracing the challenges of the environmentally sensitive and highly regulated Austin metro area, his partnership profited on several multimillion-dollar projects. With a focused, hands-on approach, value was created in each link of the chain (from zoning changes, P&Z, entitlements, infrastructure, vertical integration, tenant finish, leasing and maintenance, to final sale and completion). These experiences have created the ability for McIver to discern where to best leverage his gifts, and those of his loyal supplier/vendor base.

Real estate experiences and competencies include: market research, front end cost assessments, estimating, design, selling, procurement negotiations, value engineering, project scheduling, quality control, banking and title company relations, and the ability to complete projects on time and under budget.  McIver built an estimated 750 homes and projects (single family, multifamily, and commercial) in his career.

McIver has continually pursued current trends, building custom and spec homes, as well as taking on remodeling projects, and offering professional management services in multi-family residential construction. In the recent past, he has developed a passion for difficult projects. Above all else, McIver values relationships, both with clients, employees and customers. He takes pride in making himself available to his clients throughout the process.

Thriving and feeding on a fast paced, high energy environment, McIver doesn’t understand “no,” “can’t,” or “impossible,” once the directive and goal has been issued. He is able to make quick, but careful decisions that will add value to the bottom right-hand corner of the income statement, while maintaining utmost honesty and integrity in all dealings. He understands that what matters is a product that is on time, on budget, and built to last.

Jennifer Segraves


Jennifer Segraves began working in the custom home building industry in 1999 in Temple, TX. She began as an Office Manager responsible for all comptroller and accounting functions including monthly draw statements and job costing, accounts payable and payroll. She quickly learned all details of custom home building and transitioned to Construction Estimator/Purchaser. Jennifer has worked directly with homeowners and project managers in both residential and commercial projects, including job site meetings and combining subcontractor estimates for presentation to clients and financial institutions.  She also has experience assisting in customer specifications and selections. After her husband’s job moved their young family to the outskirts of Austin, Jennifer began working for Reece McIver in 2005 and 2006. She then continued her administrative career in a different industry while raising their two boys, Garrett (now 19) and Brandt (now 16). After realizing her passion in the construction industry, Jennifer returned to work for Reece McIver Homes in 2020. Her excellent communication skills, organization, dependability, and trustworthiness make her a great asset to our company.

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